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For new clients, our services are limited to federal grants and external evaluations.

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Assessing Grant Readiness | April 07, 2015

AreYouReady cpdIs your organization positioned to be competitive for the grants it pursues? We talk about two different but equally important kinds of readiness: 1) readiness to write a competitive proposal, and 2) readiness to successfully manage a grant.

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Writing to Win Federal Grants is Here. Order Your Copy Today. | April 07, 2015

Writing to Win Federal Grants: A Must-Have for Your Fundraising Toolbox was published March 11, 2015. Writing to Win is part of the In The Trenches series published by CharityChannel Press.

If you use this link to order from the publisher, I get credit for the sale: Writing to Win in Charity Channel bookstore. The publisher is also set up to provide automatic discounts for multiple copies. But we're just as happy if you order from Amazon or BN too.

The companion workbook was released in fall 2015. If you purchase direct from the publisher, there is a bundle discount when you buy both the book and its companion workbook.

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