Assessing Grant Readiness | April 07, 2015

AreYouReady cpdIs your organization positioned to be competitive for the grants it pursues? We talk about two different but equally important kinds of readiness: 1) readiness to write a competitive proposal, and 2) readiness to successfully manage a grant.

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Writing to Win Federal Grants is Here. Order Your Copy Today. | April 07, 2015

Writing to Win Federal Grants: A Must-Have for Your Fundraising Toolbox was published March 11, 2015. Writing to Win is part of the In The Trenches series published by CharityChannel Press.

If you use this link to order from the publisher, I get credit for the sale: Writing to Win in Charity Channel bookstore. The publisher is also set up to provide automatic discounts for multiple copies. But we're just as happy if you order from Amazon or BN too.

The companion workbook was released in fall 2015. If you purchase direct from the publisher, there is a bundle discount when you buy both the book and its companion workbook.

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Is Your Proposal Overdressed? | March 02, 2015

Do you ever go wild and break grammar rules in your grant proposals? I get lots of questions from grant writers about what is OK (first person, active voice, creative punctuation), and lots of people frustrated because they are feeling pressured to follow abitrary style rules in their grant proposals. Read on for some tips about how to break free and write stronger proposals.

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Upgrade Your Partnerships | February 13, 2014

Informal agreements between friends at two organizations can help both organizations fulfill their missions. But depending on friendship alone can spell disaster when leadership changes or when one of the friends moves to Togo. (It happens!) Read more for tips to protect yourself and your organization.

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Do You Know Why You Got That Grant? | October 30, 2013

Blog Post photo braceletsIf foundations were people, their wrists might look like this one -- laden down with the various causes they support.But, just because you know what organizations your foundation prospects support doesn't mean you know WHY they support them.We sometimes focus our post-award questions to funders on the negative results. Why didn't we get the grant? What could we have done to make our application stronger?

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Anticipating Funder's Needs | September 12, 2013

Have you ever broken the "rule" to not include anything in your proposal that a funder hasn't asked for? Some newer foundations or even established foundations with new programs forget to ask you about your target audience, program impact, or goals and objectives in their application materials. What do you risk and what do you gain if you pro-actively include this important info right up front?

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Becoming Grant-Ready: Federal Grants | August 17, 2013

Being prepared in advance is one of the best ways to enhance your competitiveness for federal grants. This is if you already apply for federal grants or want to enter this arena.

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From the Program Officer's Mouth | March 21, 2013

During a fantastic Chronicle of Philanthropy webinar, a foundation program officer shared invaluable insider information for grant seekers.

Since she had been a grant seeker before becoming a grant maker, she feels our pain!

We recount the highlights here.

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A Board that Gets It | February 28, 2013

Ahhh. It's so nice when it happens. A board that gets it.

I had the privilege today of spending time with a non-profit board in my community to talk to them about grants.

They asked smart questions. They had reasonable expectations. They knew they aren't a fit for some funders.

Find out more, and share with us -- What do you wish nonprofit boards understood about grants?

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Why Should I Care About the Strategic Plan? | January 25, 2013

How is your organization's strategic plan linked to increasing grant funds coming in? Making sure the plan is current and relevant is essential. Today's funders often want to see evidence that you have a plan and that your grant request is a top organizational priority.

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