Increasing Grants Revenue | November 30, 2012

You only have a few options for increasing grants revenue - write more proposals, choose funders more strategically, or increase your ask amount. Some year-end planning tips to get you ready for next year's grantseeking.

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Invest in Us! | October 27, 2012

Your grant proposals should consistently send one message, loud and clear, to all of your funder prospects. Your grant proposals should shout from every section: “Pick me, pick me! We are the best choice for your grant dollars.”

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What 'Impact' Means for Your Grant | June 29, 2012

The word “impact” gets thrown around a lot, both in our profession and by the general public. We all have a general idea of what “impact” means, at leastwhat it means to us.

Read about two important ways that grantmakers use the term “impact” that could affect your grantseeking.

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Tips from Foundations | June 29, 2012

Direct quotes from members of the June 2012 Funder's Panel hosted by the AFP, GPA and the Fayettevile, AR Public Library. Read their valuable advice, and post any questions you may have about these quotes.

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Prioritizing Your Prospect List | May 26, 2012

If you’ve been to a grantwriting workshop, you probably learned that you must do research to identify your funding prospects. So, off you go to do your research. You may come back with a long list of foundation prospects. Now what? In my experience, people love to teach you how to use a resource like the Foundation Center’s online database. But few bother to teach you what to do with the results.

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Can a Fifth-Grader Understand Your Proposal? | April 23, 2012

Grant readers are busy people with many decisions to make. You want the decision to fund your grant to be an easy one.  Here are some tips to help your proposal "stand out from the crowd" by making it easy to read and understand.

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Keeping Proposal Content Fresh | March 27, 2012

When you are sending proposals to the same funders year after year, what can you do to liven up the content? When I worked for a university, I sent out letters for scholarships, year after year. Proposals to foundations who had funded us in the past were more challenging, because I felt compelled to come up with a new twist or new content annually. How do you keep it fresh?

Here are a few suggestions. Although you may have heard a few of them before, maybe today one will resonate with you when you need it.

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It's the Opportunity, Stupid | January 23, 2012

With apologies to a presidential candidate some of our readers are too young to remember, we urge grant professionals everywhere to adopt this new mantra. (Ok, my mother would never allow her children to call anyone stupid, so you can drop that part, but be sure to keep the opportunity part.)

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