A Board that Gets It

February 28, 2013 | 1 Comments

Ahhh. It's so nice when it happens. A board that gets it.

I had the privilege today of spending time with a non-profit board in my community to talk to them about grants.

They asked smart questions. They had reasonable expectations. They knew they aren't a fit for some funders.

Here are some of the questions they did NOT ask:
    1.Can we pay you out of the grant?
    2.Can you write one letter and send it to all of the 
       local foundations?
    3.Why don't we try the Bill and Melinda Gates 
    4. We need $100,000 in 6 weeks. Can you get that for us?

What did we talk about?

Which programs are a priority for funding. Building their staff capacity.

How long a grant can take to be funded. Which funders in our region will be more sympathetic to their cause. Fitting grants into other fundraising strategies.

Focus. On the right things. Smile.

This (rare) positive experience has served as inspiration for an upcoming article on what boards need to know about grants.

Please tell us. What do you wish nonprofit boards understood about grants? Credit for all good ideas cheerfully given where it is due. Post your comment today.

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  • Great question:

    That grants are not “free money”

    You cannot hire a grants writer and expect them to take a portion of the grant funded (you mentioned that, but I get that FREQUENTLY!)

    Just because another organization gets a grant from some place, does not mean that we are a fit.

    Grant funding is not the answer to EVERYTHING!

    Hiring a full-time grants writer is not the best use of limited funding

    Thank you for the Webinar on Thursday.

    Posted by Rhonda, 04/03/2013 8:05pm (6 years ago)

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