What should be on my resume if I want to start a career in grantwriting?

May 26, 2012 | 1 Comments

This just in! A question from a college student already thinking ahead to a possible career in the non-profit sector. Wow. I was not that organized when I was an English major back in 1991.

Make sure you have writing classes there. This student is a journalism major, but anyone can take writing courses. If your institution has a grantwriting class take it. Check the grad school and see if they will let you audit one of theirs if there is no class at the undergraduate level.

Go to workshops like those offered by local chapters of GPA or AFP and make sure to list any such professional development on your resume. Any past work experience working for or volunteering at a non-profit agency, especially in anything to do with fundraising, would be a plus and should be highlighted.

Of course if you can volunteer or intern somewhere and get some actual grantwriting experience under your belt, even better.

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  • I think volunteering for a nonprofit agency assisting with grants is the best way to go. It's how I got my first grants related job. Even if you don't have experience, many smaller nonprofits are grateful to find someone with good writing skills to create a first draft, do research (with a bit of training first), or edit a proposal for clarity. Basic persuasive writing skills will get you far, and there are so few candidates out there with concrete experience in grants that you will stand out if you can get even a little experience before launching into the job market.

    Posted by Melanie, 05/06/2012 11:31am (7 years ago)

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