Writing to Win Federal Grants is Here. Order Your Copy Today.

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Writing to Win Federal Grants: A Must-Have for Your Fundraising Toolbox

This In the Trenches book was released on March 11, 2015.  Here's the URL to order direct from the publisher:  Order Writing to Win here.

Do you want to add federal grants to your fundraising toolbox? Do you want to push past the hype and scams to what really works? Do you ever feel intimidated by complex rules for how to apply?

The Solution: Writing to Win Federal Grants

Writing to Win Federal Grants will help you overcome your fears and build your skills. Written in a conversational style, Writing to Win is like sitting down for your own personal workshop with the authors. Cheryl Kester and Karen Cassidy have been winning federal grants and teaching others how to do the same for more than fifteen years. They’ve raised more than $346 million from almost 40 different government agencies.

Now you can tap their knowledge and experience whenever you need it. And let’s face it. We really need it when we’re struggling through a challenging part of our grant that’s due in three days – not when we have time to go to a workshop.

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